Urbaser confirms its objectives in terms of development in the French market

Claude Saint-Joly, Chairman and CEO of Urbaser Environnement, has participated in the Board meeting of Urbaser SA, which took place exceptionally in Paris, this last 10th of July, as a sign of the great attention from the new shareholder, China Tianying Inc., for the French market. The growth perspectives of the Group in France, in the areas of municipal solid waste treatment as well as of waste collection or streets’ cleaning have been presented during this Board meeting by the Chairman of Urbaser Environnement.  These perspectives concern the internal growth as well as the external growth. The Chairman of the Board, M. Yan Shengjun, Chairman of the CNTY Group, has confirmed the strategic interest to pursue the Urbaser development in France in order to become one of the main actors in this area. José Maria Lopez Piñol, CEO of Urbaser, has applauded the last success of Urbaser Environnement, with the obtention of the contract for the waste collection in the sector Nord-Loire from Nantes Métropole, as well as the awarding of the contract for the construction and operation of the new municipal solid waste treatment plant of the SEVADEC, in Calais.