2002 : Urbaser group acquires the French engineering company Valorga International, located in Montpellier (Hérault) specialized in engineering conception and domestic waste treatment factory using the methane from the organic parts contained inside the domestic wastes. Valorga, founded in Montpellier in 1981 was the world’s first company to imagine, design, develop and to implement an industrial process of domestic waste’s methanisation. So, the domestic waste’s treatment factory located in Amiens (Somme) was designed, built and launched in 1989 by the Valorga’s teams. More than 25 years after the launch, this plant, undisputable world’s pioneer is still running to the delight of the collectivity. The purchase of Valorga by Urbaser SAS marks the first step of the Urbaser group in France.


2003-2005 : The Urbaser group and its French subsidiary, Valorga International, decide on co-answering to invitations to tender relative to public markets concerning the domestic waste’s treatment via methanisation by highlighting its technological and operational advance in the methanisation field. The specific skills of Valorga International and the unequalled experience of Urbaser are the spearhead of the Urbaser group’s success.


2005 : The French market answers favorably to the presence of the new association Urbaser-Valorga. In 2005, the association successively signed 3 contracts in a row.

  • Marseille Provence Métropole (reference’s link)
  • Sytrad (reference’s link)
  • Sivom (reference’s link)

Those successes convey the technical quality of Urbaser and the interest of the French local governments into opening the market to a new actor already well known over the frontiers.


End 2005 : Urbaser and Valorga International decide to found Urbaser Environnement, subsidiary of the Urbaser group in order to develop in a durable way the Urbaser’s whole activity in France.


2005-2015 : Since its creation, Urbaser Environnement has enjoyed a steady and sustained development of its activities on the French Market. On the one hand thanks to the “treatment” activity by winning new conception/building and waste treatment installation’s exploitation markets (Calais, Chalosse, Château d’Olonne). On the other hand, by launching in 2007 an “urban cleaning” service that helped Urbaser winning new collecting/cleaning markets. So, the Urbaser group’s activity in France that used to embody, in 2005, a 5 million of euros sales revenue with about 30 employees, represents 213 million by the end of 2015 with more than 1000 associates. This intern growth obviously led Urbaser Environnement to organise and shape itself.


2016 : In December, the Urbaser group is sold to a Chinese consortium consisting of the group China Tianying Inc. (CNTY) and many Chinese investment funds. This reorganization enable the Urbaser group to develop its activity in a significant way on the Asian market, reinforce its presence on its markets (Europe, central America, south America) and continue its growth on the American market. Founded in 1984, CNTY is a quoted company on the stock exchange benefiting from a current market capitalization of 1.3 million euros. With 1250 employees, CNTY principally develop its activity in the fields of the environment and energy. In particular in the building and exploitation of waste incineration installations, the energy production installations, residual waters treatment and industrial plant building.