Cleansing - Collection

Cleansing and Collection


Every day, Urbaser Environnement is at work in cities and population centres to improve the living environments of our fellow citizens. Our qualified staff and a fleet of vehicles ensure public spaces are maintained in a state of cleanliness (footways, streets, green spaces, beaches, etc.).
Urbaser Environnement offers a complete range of solutions :

  • Cleansing and washing of streets, footways, markets, parks, gardens, beaches
  • Seasonal and ad hoc services: removal of dead leaves, salting,
  • Emergency services: removal of hazardous waste, removal of illegal dumping, etc.
  • Blasting and rehabilitation of degraded surfaces and soils, washing of urban fixtures, cleansing of monuments, graffiti removal,
We notably manage sanitation for 16 boroughs (arrondissements) in the city of Paris and cleansing of the city and beaches for the city of la Ciotat.


Urbaser ensures daily waste collection for 40 million people across 4 continents.
Today’s waste collection addresses the environmental, societal, economic, regulatory, and political challenges of tomorrow.

In an unstable economic environment, we offer adapted and optimised solutions that take the needs of communities as well as of their constituents into account.
We believe in the importance of streamlining collection services by maintaining a high level of quality for inhabitants by implementing simple and effective solutions for enhanced collection organisation and scheduling, notably by improving collection circuits (reduction of black spots, reverse gear, etc.).
The systematic use of next generation equipment reduces the environmental impact and noise pollution for fellow citizens.

Urbaser Environnement provides collection services whether classical, lateral, automatic, or pneumatic waste collection.
Our equipment are all fitted with geolocation and in-cabin weighing devices.
Urbaser Environnement proposes custom solutions with electronic management of container loading rates.