Our values

The values that drive the men and women of the Urbaser group and its subsidiary Urbaser Environnement are based on:

Staff Health and Safety

Our managers and our teams are made aware of the occupational safety measures to be taken into account on a daily basis. Prevention is at the heart of our staff health and safety policy. Training programs are in place for our managers, supervisors, and workers to build awareness on the use of protective equipment, the risks associated with our business, medical monitoring, and first aid.

Listening to and Respecting our Customers

Listening to our customers to best meet their needs, respecting customer demands and expectations, such is the Urbaser Environnement commitment.

Trust and Transparency in the business relationship

Urbaser Environnement teams take pride in establishing customer relationships based on trust and transparency. Beyond the human relationship and within the scope of our operating agreements, we produce operating reports that provide technical and financial information in complete transparency.

Protecting the Environment for future generations

The men and women of Urbaser Environnement are aware that every individual must be involved in improving our environment and that of future generations. We are conscious of participating, on a daily basis and within the scope of our business, in improving our living environment by implementing industrial processes that will ensure long term environmental sustainability.

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