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On the last 16th of May, Urbaser Environnement and its daughter company Octeva, have inaugurated the starting of the erection of the new Municipal Solid Waste treatment plant in Calais.

Guy Allemand, Chairman of the SEVADEC (the public entity joining 52 municipalities and in charge of the waste management from 160.000 inhabitants), besides Natacha Bouchard, Council Mayor of Calais and Vice-President of the Region Hauts de France, have notably focused that this plant will be a national example in terms of waste upgrading rate.

16 mai 2019 Pose de la première pierre - Discours de Claude Saint-Joly en présence de Guy Allemand, Pierre de Montlivault et Natacha Bouchart

Claude Saint-Joly, Chairman of Urbaser Environnement and of Octeva, has sublined the fruitful partnership with the Eiffage group, who will be in charge of the civil works, and with the Polynome office, in charge of the architecture. He has reminded that this plant will treat 52.000 tons of MSW per year, will permit the injection in the natural gas network of 25.000 MWh, the production of 15.000 tons organic amendment, which will be upgraded in the local agriculture, and finally the production of 6.500 tons per year of RdF (refuse derived fuel) to be used in the cementry industry.

The numerous participants have congratulated the Urbaser Group for the awarding of this new contract consisting in the design, the erection and the operation during 5 years of this new plant.


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