Urbaser confirms its objectives in terms of development in the French market

Claude Saint-Joly, Chairman and Managing Director of Urbaser Environnement, attended the Urbaser SA Group’s Board of Directors meeting, which was exceptionally held in Paris on Monday, 10 July, 2017 an indication of the special attention paid by the new shareholder China Tianying (CNTY) to the French market.

The growth perspectives of the Group in France, in the household waste treatment, urban collection and streets’cleaning sectors, were presented by the Chairman and Managing Director of Urbaser Environnement. These concern organic growth as well as external growth. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Yan Shengjun, President of the CNTY Group, confirmed the strategic importance of continuing Urbaser’s growth in France to make it one of the key players in the sector.

José Maria Lopez Piñol, CEO of Urbaser, praised the recent achievements of Urbaser Environnement, with the award of the contract for the collection of the household waste of the Nord-Loire sector in Nantes Métropole, as well as the contract for the construction and operation of the new SEVADEC household waste recovery facility in Calais (North of France).


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